Why we chose CBD American Shaman

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The decision to start a CBD store


We were first introduced to CBD through someone who had just opened a CBD American Shaman franchise. There were four of us who tried the products. The product really changed our lives in so many ways. We began buying CBD American Shaman products to give away to employees, family and friends. They too began having the same experience as we had with the products. We decided that sharing these product had a profound feeling of helping people. As business owners we decided we would turn this interest into a business. 

Researching CBD Brands

Our intention was to open a boutique style store carrying what we considered to be the “best in class” CBD brands. We spent 6 months researching premium products and companies. As part of our research we were buying products, trying them and sharing them with friends and family. To our surprise we often found very little to no results with the CBD brands we were using.

Lesson 1: not all CBD is the same

We later learned when returning to the CBD American Shaman store why we weren't getting results with so many other brands. That first and foremost CBD molecules are so large that they naturally have poor absorption. In spite of these brands we had purchased being considered the "best brands" they were traditionally made full-spectrum CBD products. That meant that they only had a 7 to 10% rate of absorption. No one explained about the need to "find your number" (how many mg my body needs to get results). We always purchased bottles with the highest concentration of CBD (usually 1500 mg per bottle). Imagine paying $150 a bottle for premium CBD only to learn we were flushing 90 to 93% of the purchase price literally down the drain. 

Our own store. Our own brand

CBD American Shaman was really not on our radar as a business. We loved the product but CBD American Shaman was a franchise. The cookie cutter franchise approach to retail wasn’t for us. We decided we would start our own CBD brand. We were committed to creating the very best products available – anywhere. 

We narrowed our choice to two manufacturers who used nanotechnology to produce CBD products. We toured their facilities, met with staff and were in the process of deciding which company when we decided we left one stone unturned. CBD American Shaman would soon be our competitor. We thought it wise to thoroughly understand what they, and their products, were all about. That research really changed everything.

Researching the competition: CBD American Shaman

What we learned was that most CBD companies were focused on growing hemp. The process of turning hemp into hemp oil had very limited variables. There were a few choices in hemp strains, which method to extract the hemp oil and then what filler to use (usually MCT or olive oil). Most of the leading companies weren't even doing their own manufacturing. The only thing to invest in was land to grow hemp. As CBD was the modern day "gold rush" most owners were out spending their earnings on yachts and Netjets memberships. 


A background of growing companies for Birkshire Hathaway, Vince Sanders (founder of CBD American Shaman) initially purchased hemp from organic sources in the U.S. and Europe. That enabled profits to be invested in research and development. Something that seemed absurd to colleagues within the CBD business. That R&D led to the super strains of hemp, improving the method of extracting the hemp oil from plants and most importantly, mastering the science of absorption. As a result of the science behind these processes it became clear if they wanted to turn the latest research into products they would need their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. 

Those first two years of research led to as many errors as it did breakthroughs (what you would expect from leading edge R&D). Among the errors was the improved but yet still limited absorption that came from using nanotechnology to reduce particle sizes. The size of particles were in fact nano in size but ranged greatly in size. Research & Development found the large nano particles were still not being absorbed due to being too large. The smallest particles seemed to not even be recognized by the body as something to absorb. That if CBD was truly going to be rapidly absorbed it needed to bypass the traditional process which requires the liver and digestive system for delivery. That natural place to turn was creating emulsions which would blend CBD oil particles with other substances like water in order to by-pass the digestive system. Like nanotechnology, food industry standard processes for emulsions looked promising but did not deliver the same results when it came to CBD.

The leader in "the science of absorption"


As it turned out using nanotechnology was easy, and producing water emulsions was straight forward. To use both to create completely absorbable CBD, that was rapidly absorbed while preserving the integrity of the phytonutrients took enormous amounts of time, and investment. What was clear was as CBD American Shaman had emerged the industry leader other companies were eager to offer the same forms of nano emulsion CBD products. It was clear to us if other manufacturers began investing enormous amounts of capital into R&D they might be in a couple of years where CBD American Shaman is today. The only problem is by that time CBD American Shaman will be two years in innovations then they are today.


If we cared about results we didn't have a choice

We still didn't want to own a franchise. At the same time we found we didn't have a choice. CBD American Shaman is the leader when it comes to the strain of it's CBD, how it is grown, extracted and manufactured (where the science of absorption is applied).  

Your experience. Optimized!

That's our history. We hope our story has value. We believe what it means to you as a potential consumer is "your CBD experience optimized though the innovations of CBD American Shaman.