The Science of CBD Absorption (and does it really matter)

If you are deciding which CBD brand to purchase "the science of absorption" makes a difference. What is at stake is results. Do you get any results whatsoever? How much do you have to take in order to get those results? The actual cost of using traditional CBD from full-spectrum or broad-spectrum hemp oil is exorbitant.

It's generally known within the CBD industry that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp oil, and in-turn CBD, has an absorption rate of just 7 to 10 percent. For most people that means it is going to take a lot of CBD to get results. That’s more CBD than most consumers are willing to take. Whatever CBD/ hemp oil isn't absorbed (90 to 93%) the body destroys or removes as waste. That means 90 to 93% of the purchase price for most CBD products is just flushed away. Imagine, you spend $150 on a premium CBD full-spectrum hemp oil yet only get to use $10 to $15 of it. Even if you purchased low quality convenience store CBD at $20 you would only be getting $1.40 to $2.00 of CBD absorbed into your body. You wouldn’t spend $50,000 on a new vehicle but be willing to drive off with a $5,000 vehicle. It would be absurd. The same happens with traditional CBD products.

CBD: You only benefit from what your cells absorb

You don’t benefit from the amount of CBD you take. You benefit from the CBD your cells absorb. Here’s the inherit problem: CBD molecules are too large for the body to absorb. Only a small fraction of the molecule gets absorbed as it moves through your digestive system. As the CBD molecule moves through your digestive system it’s also being destroyed as well. What is absorbed must be processed in the liver before being utilized. As a whole the CBD industry has just accepted these limitations to absorption. Their solution: take larger (massive) quantities to make up for the problems with absorption. CBD American Shaman chose a different approach: using science to increase the rate of absorption, the time required for absorption and to by-pass the liver all together.

Pioneering Cellular Absorption

CBD American Shaman is not a pioneer in the science of absorption. They have just followed in the footstep of the real pioneers. In doing so have become pioneers in how to adapt this science specifically to CBD. That has proved to be not an easy task.

Two Pioneers

Let’s look at vitamin C. You may choose your brand of vitamin C because of it being organic, maybe pure ascorbic acid or perhaps whatever is on sale. Are you aware that your body begins rapidly destroying vitamin C within 2 hours of you taking it? Yet vitamin C is so important for healthy immune function. A lot of manufactures try to solve this problem with sustained release vitamin C. This approach usually releases vitamin C over an 8-hour period. As the vitamin C is released it quickly reaches it’s peak and plummets. This approach is what has been accepted as the best we can do for our bodies. Well, that’s except for people “in the know”.

A company called Ester C, utilizing the science of absorption, created a product called Ester C. Where vitamin C reaches it’s peak in two hours and plummets Ester C continues to increase in the bloodstream for a full 8 hours. Ester C reaches levels in the blood stream 5 times greater then traditional vitamin C and it remains at this optimal level for 24 hours. There’s no comparison. Not even close. If you really care about your immunity, and understand the difference, how do you take any other form of vitamin C?

The same is true of mineral supplements. Minerals are essential. There’s adequate levels that most people live with, and then there are optimal levels. Which one do you think leads to optimal health? Of course, optimal levels of minerals. The challenge is whether from food or supplements minerals are difficult to absorb for a variety of reasons. First, their particle size is typically too large. Next, our body sees them as rocks and metal and removes them as waste.

Thankfully, there is a company called Albions Labs, and it’s founder DeWayne Ashmead. DeWayne Ashmead discovered that if he reduced the weight of the particles (creating nano particles) , double wrapped branch-chain amino acids to the particles (something the body loves to absorb), then created covalent bonds (shared electrons so they can not be broken off) then the body would see these nano-particles as amino acids, absorb them, and absorb the minerals in the process. The result: Albion Chelates are 20 times more absorbable on a cellular level then the minerals found in vegetables, or in vitamin mineral supplements. When it comes to physical performance, and especially endurance, the benefits shown in clinical studies have been astounding.

Why are pioneers involved with Health, Wellness and Nutrition unknown?

Why aren’t these facts about companies like Ester C and Albion Labs known by the general public? The answer is very simple: patents and cost. For instance, if you reduce a mineral to it’s optimal size you violate Albion’s patent. If you double wrap a mineral with a branch chain amino acid you violate their patent. If you create two covalent bonds when attaching an amino acid to a mineral you violate their patent. They can’t be created by anyone else other then Ester C and Albion Labs. They can be purchased to use in other companies products. If you’re a manufacturer Ester C or Albion chelates cost much more to put into your products. The result, manufactures use inexpensive raw material, save money and just don’t tout their “science of absorption”.

CBD American Shaman is to CBD what Albion Labs is to Minerals

When it comes to CBD, Vince Sander’s took the long-term approach to creating CBD American Shaman. Vince often shares how he was able to help a beloved family member with stage 4 cancer go into complete remission by giving him CBD. He did this a decade before hemp became legal to grow, and CBD to extract and sell. In doing so Vince wanted to bring CBD to others in need. Vince also understood most people would not take as much CBD, or as often, as did his beloved uncle. As a result Vince began investing in R&D in order to determine optimal strains of hemp, harvesting, extraction and turning that raw form of hemp oil into the most useful products possible. The more useful the product the more people that are helped.

Super Strains of Hemp

Vince soon learned of and connected with pioneers in breeding (imagine plants can not only be bred but done so strategically) super strains of hemp for their rich profile of cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytonutrients. People can’t absorb what isn’t in the plant so analyzing strains in the lab became critical.


The method and procedures of extraction proved to be something that has had to be continually be refined in order to preserve the delicate balance of naturally occurring phytonutrients (including CBD and other cannabinoids).

Processing the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

One of the first steps in processing full spectrum hemp oil for use is removing the unpleasant bitter taste and odor. What Vince found was by removing the natural bitter marijuana-like taste and odor it also removed very beneficial phytonutrients, yet was and continues to be an industry standard. Instead a process was created to remove most of the unpleasantness while preserving the natural profile of phytonutrients.

Rate of Absorption

Similar to the issue of mineral absorption CBD, full-spectrum and broad spectrum hemp oil has a problem with the size of molecules. As we mentioned previously hemp molecules, including CBD, are too large to readily be absorbed. Also most of these molecules are destroyed by digestion.

The first step in improving absorption was to reduce the size of molecules into nano-particles. Nano-particles are particles which are under 100 nanometers in size.

Nanotechnology in manufacturing is state-of-the-art, but has been used primarily in in the pharmaceutical field. After investing in nanotechnology for processing Vince found that the standard operating procedures used in pharmaceuticals and nutritionals to create nano-particles improved absorption but not nearly enough.

The procedures used with nanotechnology produced to wide a range of nano-particles. The larger particles were still too large, and the smaller ones too small. The research team had to first determine optimal particle size, then create a process for controlling the size of particles that are created. This research required years to refine. The end result has been creating CBD particles that are 100% absorbable on a cellular level.

Rapid Absorption

It’s one thing to produce nano-particles capable of absorption, it’s another for these particles to actually be absorbed. The problem being our digestive systems destroy these particles regardless of size. As Vince was relentless in his vision of 100% absorption a solution was needed. The only thing the body immediately seems to absorb is water. Hemp is an oil. Of course oil and water don’t mix. So a process was sought to blend this nano-hemp oil with water. Initially, every known process used in pharmaceuticals and nutritionals failed. If the process didn’t fail then the ingredients (surfactants) used to create the blend would eventually separate.

Nevertheless the R&D were instructed to find a solution, and so they finally did. The result is a water soluble nano-CBD emulsion product whose particles of CBD, cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytonutrients are seen as water and rapidly absorbed.


There are several excellent companies when it comes to full-spectrum and broad-spectrum hemp oil. They utilize great strains of hemp, control every aspect of it’s growth, and are great at extraction. Most of their products sell at a premium (average of $150 for 1500 mg). Unfortunately, absorption is likely somewhere around 7 to 10%.

A few newer well-financed companies are starting to produce CBD with nanotechnology. A couple of these companies have followed our lead in creating water soluble products. Unfortunately what they all have in common is their processes, and therefore products, are still about a decade behind ours. No doubt with enough investment into R&D it’s possible to close the gap that presently exists in less then a decade. The problem is the CBD market is expected to see near vertical growth for another three to five years before even beginning to stabilize. There is no incentive to make such extreme investments into research and development. These newcomers need only differentiate themselves with “nanotechnology” and “water soluble” to have a competitive edge.

The Future

We would speculate that by the time another company is able to produce products similar to today’s CBD American Shaman’s products, Vince Sanders will have already created the next generation of innovations, if not two or three generations from today’s. That’s what a relentless desire like Vince’s to create products that make a difference is all about.

This article was written for the exclusive use of CBD American Shaman Methuen and it's website The content has not been reviewed or approved by CBD American Shaman and is solely the responsibility of the author.

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