Shaman Smokes are a Hit!

The decision of CBD American Shaman to bring to market a line of CBD cigarettes was both strategic as well as very personal.

"Nicotine addiction is a serious disease that continues to affect millions of Americans, and of course our products can’t treat disease,” says Vince Sanders founder and CEO of American Shaman. “But for the social smokers, for those who enjoy smoking to take a break and relax, Shaman Smokes are a great alternative that’s free from the danger of nicotine addiction. And I’ve heard from many longtime smokers, including my own brother, who’ve successfully switched from tobacco cigarettes to Shaman Smokes. That makes this product very personal."

When it comes to traditional CBD inhaling it is the most rapid delivery. As a result many companies have released hemp products for smoking including cigarettes, rolled and dried flower. What is unique about American Shaman's product, and receiving a lot of press as a result, is our crushable flavor capsules embedded within the filter. These flavor capsules, presently available in traditional, grape, cherry and menthol, release flavor throughout the smoking experience.

Shaman Smokes is a great way for anyone who already smokes and wants to enjoy the benefits of CBD. If you can use Shaman Smokes to transition away from tobacco, nicotine and tar, all the better!

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