Pets: New Clinical Studies on CBD

Updated: Mar 3

Most dogs and cats (83%) experience a decrease in anxiety when given CBD. Most pets (80%) given CBD for pain experienced improvement including increased activity.

Some of the first clinical studies involving CBD are being released in the world of veterinary medicine. These studies arrive at the same pet owners already know, CBD works. For many pets its dramatically changing their everyday life.

Clinical studies have shown a reduction in the symptoms of pain by 80% (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine) and a decrease in anxiety by 83% (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine). This information confirmed in clinical studies supports the antidotal experience that CBD has benefited pets with the following:

  • Increased mobility in dogs with degenerative myopathy

  • Increase in mobility of older dogs

  • Increase in confidence

  • Decrease in joint pain as a result of dysplasia

  • Decrease in the amount of anti-anxiety/ anti-depressant medication is needed

  • Replacing anti-anxiety/ anti-depressant medication in some dogs altogether

  • Decrease in dog aggression

  • Decrease in aggression towards people

  • Decrease in barking

The benefits of CBD and phytocannabinoids are not the only scope of the most recent studies. Recent clinical studies in veterinary medicine have included evaluating the potential for toxicity in higher levels of CBD use, potential for problems (liver) in pets processing CBD, therapeutic dosages, the time required to for owners to see results and confirming content versus labeling of CBD products.

What has surprised many in the veterinary community is that CBD, full spectrum hemp oil (with THC) and broad spectrum hemp oil (without THC) has been shown to be completely safe. The most recent clinical studies have used 2mg/kg resulted in favorable outcomes. That amounts to approximately 5mg per 5 lbs. What is also interesting is that at 10 times that dosage there were no toxic or adverse effects.

When it came to the experience of pet owners 75% began seeing results within 1 hour. As the CBD took full effect results included dogs not reacting negatively in situations usually causing stress (barking, backing up, etc), seeing activity in older dogs that had not been seen in years to greater confidence and a desire to interact with people.

As for efficacy of CBD brands containing what labels stated most brands evaluated fell short. As a matter of fact some brands did not even contain any CBD. The very same results have been shown in CBD brands marketed for human consumption. The brands evaluated were all brands marketed not only for pets but sold only by veterinarians. The same issue of CBD products not containing what is on the label has been found in brands designed for human consumption. The only difference between CBD brands designed for humans and pets are the added flavors. It makes sense to purchase CBD products for pets from one of three or four companies like CBD American Shaman who lead the field in quality control as well as research & development.

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