How Much CBD is Right for your Pet?

If you are using the amount of CBD used in recent clinical studies at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine it would be 2mg per 5 lbs. A dog weighing 50 lbs would need 20 mg twice a day.

Cornell University did pets a tremendous service by legitimizing the use of CBD for their care. Until this study most veterinarians were dissuading pet owners from even trying CBD with their pets. The dosages used in the clinical studies was a great place to start but it is not a standard dosing by any means.

In order to know the dosed for your pet you need to decide on a brand. Do you want a traditional full or broad spectrum CBD formula or when designed for rapid and optimal absorption?

It was been demonstrated by these clinical studies at Cornell University that most CBD products designed for pets and sold through veterinarians and pet stores do not contain what is stated on the label. The same has been found for products designed for human consumption repeatedly for the last two years. CBD is the gold rush of our time. The investment in most brands is on product design and marketing not on content. The buyer has to beware.

CBD Products Designed for Pets

The only difference in CBD products for humans and pets is the added flavor appeal. Most humans don't want bacon or salmon flavored CBD and most pets don't enjoy one tasting like pina colada. If you are purchasing CBD for you pet the wise decision is to purchase your product from an industry leader with an established track record and investment in research & development and quality control.

Charlotte's Web

When it comes to traditional CBD products contained full or broad spectrum hemp oil the most trusted name is Charlotte's Web. They were one of the first companies in the field, have invested tremendously in every aspect of quality control from hemp strains, to fields, harvesting, extraction and processing a traditional formula that's reliable.

Charlotte's Web produces a product designed for pets. The pet product comes in one dosage which is 17 mg. Based on clinical studies at Cornell University that dosage is for a 42.5 lb dog. Dogs weighing less or more will be under or over dosed in comparison to the amounts used in the clinical studies. Of course pet owners can regulate the dose using less in the dropper for smaller dogs or additional droppers for larger dogs.

CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman began their research and development into CBD and full and broad spectrum hemp oil years before hemp became legalized by the Farm Bill. While their hemp oil is traditional and all-natural their focus is in optimizing delivery and absorption. Pets, like their owners, can only absorb 7 to 10% of CBD due to the size of molecules and the dependency on the liver and digestive system for processing it. CBD American Shaman has solved both with creating nano sized CBD particles which take absorption from the accepted 7 to 10% to an 100% absorbable. These nano particles while 100% absorbable can still be destroyed by through digestion. CBD American Shaman created a process to blend these nano CBD oil particles with water in such a way that your pet's body will see the CBD as water and immediately absorb it.

The dosing for CBD American Shaman pet products is 5 mg for a 50 lb dog rather than the 50 mg used in the clinical studies. The dosage guidelines on the bottle specify dosages based on specific weights of dogs.

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