How much CBD should I use?

Whatever your expectations, if you are like most people achieving your desired outcome with CBD will happen once you’ve taken the specific amount your body needs. It can happen in as little as 10 minutes or take days or even weeks. The amount of time is usually determined by how often you increase the amount of CBD you use. In some cases the body may require taking CBD twice a day for 14 to 21 days to achieve optimal results.


It is generally believed you can not take too much CBD. The reality is anyone can have an allergic reaction to anything. There are few substances (including ones that heal the body) that if taken in large enough quantities does not begin to become harmful. In the quantities CBD is usually used in (half a dropper to multiple droppers) most people have no adverse reactions. Those people who are the exceptions most often would just feel tired if they’ve taken larger amounts.

What's Your Number?


Generally speaking most people start out with 5 mg of nano CBD twice a day. In a 300 mg bottle of our Water Soluble or VG Cloud tincture that would be ½ a dropper.


The most common approach is to increase the amount of CBD by another 5 mg (½a dropper using 300 mg bottle) twice a day.


The million dollar question is how often to increase the amount by 5 mg. There is no definitive answer however there is a general approach:


  • CONSERVATIVE: Increase by 5 mg twice a day every 7 days until you achieve your outcome. The challenge with this approach is many people whose body’s need the upper limits will assume CBD doesn’t work for them before they actually reach the right amount.


  • MOST COMMON: Increase by 5 mg twice a day every 3 days until you achieve your outcome.


  • FASTER RESULTS: Increase 5 mg twice a day every day until you achieve your outcome.


  • OPTIMAL RESULTS NOW: Increase 5 mg every hour until you achieve desired results. The most common upper limit we find is 30 mg twice a day.


For some people taking the “right” amount of CBD for their body is not enough. It has to be taken daily for 14 to 21 days for some people to achieve their outcomes.  For this reason we give a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can take you time to explore how your body uniquely responds to CBD.