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Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine has recently confirmed what many pet owners already know from experience:

CBD is changing lives!

Some of the first clinical studies involving CBD and pets have just been released in the world of veterinary medicine. These studies arrive at the same pet owners already know, CBD works.  For many pets its dramatically changing their everyday life.


Clinical studies have shown a reduction in the symptoms of pain by 80% (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine) and a decrease in anxiety by 83% (Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine). This information confirmed in clinical studies supports the antidotal experience that CBD has benefited pets with the following:

  • Increased mobility in dogs with degenerative myopathy

  • Increase in mobility of older dogs

  • Increase in confidence

  • Decrease in joint pain as a result of dysplasia

  • Decrease in the amount of anti-anxiety/ anti-depressant medication is needed

  • Replacing anti-anxiety/ anti-depressant medication in some dogs altogether

  • Decrease in dog aggression

  • Decrease in aggression towards people

  • Decrease in barking

For pet owners wanting to understand why CBD is helping, and why CBD American Shaman should be their brand of choice, we offer the following:

1. Your pet's body, like the human body, has an endocannabinoid system which controls or influences nearly every other system in their body. This system, and others, have receptors that require cannabinoids to function properly.

2. Your pet's body produces natural cannabinoids such as anadamide. Unfortunately, modern pet foods, busy home environments, breed and the state of your pet's nervous system (ability to handle stress) can decrease the amount of these naturally occurring cannabinoids.


3. A lack of these naturally occurring cannabinoids can influence your pet's experience of pain, stress and anxiety as well as many health conditions including inflammation. (recently confirmed in clinical studies at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine)


4. Cannabinoids (CBD) from hemp can help to support your pets endocannabinoid system, as well as other receptors throughout their body. The challenge is NOT ALL CBD OR HEMP IS CREATED EQUAL. (recently confirmed in clinical studies at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine)


5. It is estimated that only 7 to 10% of CBD from hemp is absorbed. This includes CBD from major pet chains as well as products designed to be sold exclusively through veterinarians. The rest is discarded by their body as waste. (recently confirmed in clinical studies at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine)


6. The 7 to 10% absorption rate of traditional CBD means 90 to 93% of the money spent on your pet's CBD is wasted.


7. It gets worse. Low cost CBD often has only one of the 100+ cannabinoids available. Premium brands claiming “full spectrum CBD” may only have a few cannabinoids. (recently confirmed in clinical studies at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine)


8. American Shaman uses a super-strain of hemp designed to be rich in the number of cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytonutrients it contains.


9. American Shaman uses a unique state-of-the-art process used in the medical field to reduce the size of particles that makes it’s nano-sized CBD nearly 100% absorbable.


10. Your pet's body is made of 60 to 80% water. It thrives on water. Their body is always seeking to absorb it. CBD is an oil. American Shaman created a proprietary process (patent pending) to produce a unique nano-emulsion (nano-size oil particles perfectly blended into water molecules) which is rapidly absorbed like water.  Typically within minutes.