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Recognize the Feeling?

We are so confident in our leading-edge water soluble nanoCBD we are giving away a FREE 5 ml bottle!

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CBD is changing people's lives!

Visit our spa-inspired CBD store designed specifically to help first-time users to learn more, have questions answered as well as try our products.

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190 Haverhill Street #134 in Methuen Massachusetts

(next door to Bank of America in the Merrimack Plaza)
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All CBD is not the same. Neither are the benefits. The strain of hemp, where it is grown and method of extraction all contribute to what you can expect for benefits. The single greatest influence is one thing: the science of absorption. It determines whether you absorb as little as 7% or as much as 100%. If you're not absorbing CBD your cells can't benefit by it. 

Simply taking CBD is not enough if you want to experience the benefits. You need to "feed your cells CBD". 

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A tobacco and nicotine free alternative to cigarettes PLUS  the tremendous benefits of our CBD!

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Get Started Today

There are only a few things you need to know to get started: which products, how much to use and how often to use them. 

We have a four-step process for deciding on which product(s) are right for you.


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How much CBD you take is determined by one of four approaches to getting started. How often is determined by which product.


Click here to learn more. 

As an individual franchise our staff's time is devoted to helping in-store customers one-on-one. For online ordering we have found that CBD American Shaman (corporate) is better equipped for handling online ordering and shipping. They also offer a 90 day money-back guarantee so you can shop with confidence. When you click "shop now" below you will be leaving our store's website and shopping on our CBD American Shaman marketplace created and hosted by CBD American Shaman.

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For most of us zen is a concept. It's about finding inner peace and harmony in this busy world we call home. Your body was actually designed for that exact experience.

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Why we chose

CBD American Shaman

In starting a CBD store we have probably done more research into the differences in CBD brands than most consumers.


Our choice was not based on which CBD brand would be the most profitable. We actually had more profitable options. So why then CBD American Shaman? The short answer is the company is years ahead of everyone else when it comes to the science of absorption.

If you're curious about our decision, or would like to save time in your own research for which products to use, we're happy to share our story .  .  .

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